Hersey is the first chapter in a trilogy for a fan-based expansion of T.I.M.E Stories. This first chapter has been made available to the public in December 2017. The second chapter will become available to the public as soon as it is ready (2018 2019?).

Hersey has been created under Creative Common license. Everyone is welcome to download it, share it, play it. It has been created to provide a few hours of fun and entertainment. We enjoyed creating it – we hope players will enjoy playing it as well.
The authors do not get any profit from this game. It is a project born by and developed for shear passion for board games.

Authors: Marina Galvagni and Randy Frank
Artwork by: Rizky Nugraha, Philippe Semeria, David Ring and J.H. Vanderpoel
Carlito typeface: tyPoland, tukasz Dziedzic
Textures: www.myfreetextures.com